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SIEM for SMEs: Five Myths Debunked

Don't let common misconceptions cloud your way to better security. 

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SIEM for SMEs: Five Myths Debunked

Many people, when reviewing their security strategy, ask the question “is SIEM suitable for my organization?”

And for a long time, the answer was “no unless you are a large multinational”. The price, the complexity and the hard-to-get value made SIEM a category suitable only for the big corporations with large security teams and budgets. While these used to be correct, that’s no longer the case. And the problems that SIEM solves, related to reducing cyber risk, preventing insider threats, covering compliance requirements–  are all problems that SME/mid-market organizations have as well.

This ebook refutes the most common misconceptions that have prevented mid-market organizations to adopt a SIEM. SIEM is no longer the behemoth that any organization is too small for. 


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