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Using SIEM for Financial Compliance

How to Leverage NextGen SIEM to Protect Data and Meet Requirements of Financial Sector Regulations

SIEM For Financial Compliance


Free Ebook: Using SIEM for Financial Compliance

The financial sector – from international banks to fintech startups – is heavily regulated in all aspects possible. Organizations are required to comply with numerous standards and regulations regarding information security, KYC and AML, open banking, and a lot more. And yet, according to multiple reports, the financial industry is a primary target (and victim) of costly cyber-attacks.
To help you mitigate these high risks, we put together this ebook to assist you in improving your overall security posture and covering all industry standards and regulations. In the next chapters, we will learn how a next-generation Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution can help a financial institution achieve indisputable regulatory compliance by utilizing multiple security monitoring instruments, advanced AI, and more. 

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SIEM & Regulatory Requirements


How to Use SIEM to Achieve Financial Compliance


Industry-Specific Threats


SIEM & Data Protection


Using SIEM for GDPR Compliance


Using SIEM for PCI DSS Compliance


Using SIEM for SOX Compliance


Using SIEM for PSD2 Compliance


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 LogSentinel's mission is to help businesses of all sizes to prevent data breaches and simplify compliance.
LogSentinel SIEM is an easy-to-use next-gen Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system that helps its customers to reduce the time and cost of incident detection, investigation, and response by over 90%. By leveraging the latest technologies like blockchain and machine learning, it enables security teams to eliminate their blind spots and prevent any security incident in real-time.