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Audit Trail: Benefits Beyond Forensics

Expert advice on the smart use of audit trail across teams and functions

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Audit Trail: Benefits Beyond Forensics


Having in place a tamper-evident, secure audit trail, is important not only for regulatory compliance but also for some crucial business purposes. On one hand, it helps you track all critical processes in one place, on the other - you keep digital evidence of every single action taking place within your systems.

This ebook provides valuable insights into what is an audit trail and how the different teams in an organization can benefit from it. It covers the most important standards and regulations that require a secure audit trail and also explains how audit trail can be used for fraud detection, risk management, and business process management. 

Full Chapter List


What is an audit trail?


Audit trail and regulatory compliance


Audit trail for fraud detection and risk management


Log analytics for business process management


Audit trail: benefits across teams


On-premise audit trail: main challenges

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